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Myopia, also known as short-sightedness, is becoming a serious problem in more and more countries. In urban areas of Asia, almost 90% of young people develop myopia before the age of 20 – a trend that continues worldwide.


Studies predict that, by the year 2050, nearly 50 percent of the world's population could be shortsighted. In a worst-case scenario, early myopia can lead to the emergence of progressive myopia, a severe form of short-sightedness. This increases the risk of other eye problems, such as damage to the retina or even blindness.

Development of Myopia in children


MyoVision™ by ZEISS is the world’s first single vision spectacle lenses proven to delay myopia progression by an average of 30% in Asian children with parental myopia, when compared to traditional spectacle lenses.

MyoVision™ was developed following research by the Vision CRC that demonstrates the link between peripheral retinal image blur and myopia progression. MyoVision™ has been designed to provide sharp foveal vision while managing peripheral imaging through a unique and patented novel lens design.


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Cooper Vision MISIGHT® 1 day is the world’s first soft daily disposable contact lens proven to significantly slow the progression of myopia in children. 

The Myopia Management System is a holistic approach to minimising the progression of myopia by combining MiSight contact lenses with ActivControl™ Technology and strategies for better eye health.

Winner: 'Contact Lens Product of the Year’ at the prestigious 2018 Optician Awards.

Winner: ‘Best of What’s New Award’ at the 2020 Popular Science, in the health category.